In December 2009, the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences (CEAS) was founded with faculty members from the department of materials science and engineering. CEAS is aimed to become a world-class college with its research and education focusing on developing cutting-edge technologies and engineering solutions to tackle major societal challenges.

Selected by Nanjing University as a test bed to pioneer the university’s internationalization initiative, internationalization is being implemented in every facet of the college (education, research, administration, faculty recruiting/assessment, and infrastructure), and every member of the college (administrators, faculty, staff, students) is participating. Faculty members of the CEAS conduct cutting-edge research, and regularly publish in high profile scholarly journals such as Science, Nature series journals, Physical Review Letters, JACS, Angewandte Chemie, and Nano Letters). International research collaborations are beginning to form via joint research projects and international research laboratories. Finally, a new 65,000 m2 building for research and education has been put into use to house the academic departments and research centers, embodying CEAS’s global vision and forward-looking plan.

CEAS is now poised to become a world-class college in the near future. With generous support and help from our friends in China and abroad, CEAS will produce not only world-class knowledge and technologies, but nurture students and scholars with global view and competence who can meet the major challenges and opportunities posed by an increasingly globalized society as well.