Lu Minghui


Lu Minghui


Address: Room A401, Tang Zhongying Building, Gulou Campus, Nanjing University

Tel: 025-83594317


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Research Areas:

Artificial structure materials; metamaterials; acoustic materials; heat transfer in nanostructured materials; nanophotonics; surface plasmons; nanofabrication


Materials Physics


Lu Minghui, born in October 1979, is a professor and doctoral supervisor at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Nanjing University. He is also a candidate of Nanjing University’s Tier-B “Peak Climbers Support Program.”

Lu once made visits and did joint research at the Stanford Institute for Materials and Energy Sciences. In 2010, he won the One Hundred Excellent Doctoral Theses Award of China and was selected into the New Century Excellent Talents Program by the Ministry of Education. In 2013, he was selected into the first group of Top-Notch Young Experts by the Organizational Department of the CPC Central Committee. In 2014, he received support from Jiangsu Outstanding Youth Foundation and was selected into the Nanjing 321 Innovative Experts Plan. He is now a member of the Physical Acoustics Committee of the Acoustical Society of China.

Lu has been conducting research on materials physics and chemistry, especially on the design and fabrication of artificial micro-structured materials, condensed matter photoelectric functional materials and corresponding devices as well as the characterization and physical properties of multilayered oxide thin films and dielectric superlattices. Since 2004, he has been focusing on artificial bandgap materials and their microstructure devices. He has studied both theoretically and practically the transmission patterns of light waves and sound waves in artificial bandgap materials and discovered the negative refraction of sound waves and echoes, the double negative refraction of sound waves and abnormal transmission of sub-wavelength sound waves. He has also successfully realized the tunable negative refractive imaging of ultrasound waves.

With an H-index of 18, he has published 80 papers on SCI journals, including 2 on Nature Materials, 1 on Science, 4 on Physical Review Letters, 1 on Materials Today, 3 on Physical Review B, 8 on Applied Physics Letters, and 6 on Journal of Applied Physics. Altogether, his academic papers have been cited for 1,584 times (1,516 times by other scholars). One of his research achievements, “To realize double negative refraction of sound waves in photonic crystals,” was selected into the 2007 “Top 10 News Stories of the Basic Research in China.” With colleagues from the laboratory, he has applied for five invention patents, of which one is a US patent and another one has been authorized. He has also been a reviewer for such journals as APS, AIP, NL and Sci. Rep.


1. Lu, Minghui, Lin, Liang, Wan Weiwei, Xu, Yelong, Ge, Haixiong, Yuan, Changsheng, & Chen, Yanfeng. (2013). Method for preparing heterostructure without aligning nano press printing. Chinese Patent No. 201310081525.8.

2. Lu, Minghui, Lin, Liang, Ge, Haixiong, Yu, Siyuan, Yuan, Changsheng, & Chen, Yanfeng. (2013). Patterned sapphire substrate production method based on composite soft template nanometer stamping technique. Chinese Patent No. 201310081541.7.

3. Lu, Minghui, Song, Baosheng, Lin, Liang, Xu, Yelong, Ge, Haixiong, & Chen, Yanfeng. (2013). Sandwich structure wire grid broadband polarizer and preparation method thereof. Chinese Patent No. 201310158611.4.

4. Lu, Minghui, Yang, Yang, Wang, Qing, Ni, Xu, Xu, Yelong, & Chen, Yanfeng. (2013). Sound diode based on time-dependent modulation. Chinese Patent No. 201310579254.9.

5. Yin, Ruocheng, He, Cheng, Chen, Yanfeng, Lu, Minghui, Chen, Yanqing, Zhu, Shining, Zhu, Yongyuan, & Min, Naiben. (2009). Method for generating high-frequency ultrasonic waves based on dielectric body superlattice. Chinese Patent No. 200910029984.5.

Graduate students advisement:

His master’s student Li Xuefeng won Jiangsu Excellent Master’s Thesis Award and won, along with another master’s student Zhou Yu, the Excellent Achievements Award of the National Laboratory of Solid State Microstructures, Nanjing University. His doctoral student He Cheng won the Outstanding Graduate Student Award of the National Laboratory of Solid State Microstructures, Nanjing University, and the Jiangsu Excellent Doctoral Thesis Award.

Research Achievements


H index: 18 (data from Web of Science). 

(Note: * refers to corresponding author)

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