Kong Desheng


Kong Desheng


Address: Room 1409, Mengminwei Building, Gulou Campus, Nanjing University

Email: dskong@nju.edu.cn

Lab Homepage: http://dskong.mysxl.cn/

Research Areas:

Stretchable and biodegradable functional materials; flexible optoelectronic, biomedical, and energy storage devices; advanced manufacturing techniques such as 3D printing


Dr. Kong received his BS degree in Physics at 2008 from Peking University and his Ph.D degree in Materials Science and Engineering from at 2014 from Stanford University. He then carried out his postdoctoral research at Department of Chemical Engineering, Stanford University. In 2016, he was selected After awarded by China’s “Global Experts” program, he joined Nanjing University in 2016 as Professor in Department of Materials Science and Engineering at College of Engineering and Applied Sciences. He has authored over 50 peer-reviewed publications on prestigious journals including Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Chemistry, JACS, Nano Letters, and ACS Materials Letters, with a total citation in excess of 11000 and an H-index of 40. He is the recipient of Highly Cited Researchers in 2019 by Thomson Reuters. He serves as the reviewer for several prestigious journals, including Nature Communication, Nano Letters, ACS Nano and ACS Materials Letters.

Major Research Interests:

In spite of superior performances, conventional optoelectronic materials are incompatible with human body and soft tissues due to the lack of mechanical flexibility and elasticity. Our team focuses on stretchable and biodegradable materials for function devices towards a broad range of applications in smart wearables, portable therapeutic devices, and integrated biochips. The development may address the key challenges in next-generation electronics, advanced medical sensor, and biomedical research.