Xu Fei






Fibersensor, Fiber laser,Opticalimaging and machine vision, Wearable device, Single-cellphotoelectrochemical analysis.


Dr.Fei Xu received his Ph.D. in Optoelectronics in 2008 from theOptoelectronics Research Centre, University of Southampton, UK. Heis currently a professor at the College of Engineering and AppliedSciences, Nanjing University, China. Dr. Xu’s current researchinterests include developing novel fiber devices for ultra-smallsensor, laser and imaging systems,During his research career, he has received theNationalScience Fundfor Distinguished Young Scholars (2019) and the National ScienceFund for Excellent Young Scholars (2012) from the National NaturalScience Foundation of China, the Program for New Century ExcellentTalents in University from the Ministry of Education of China(2009).. To date, he has authored or coauthored 8 book chapters,granted>30patents (China and US), and >120peer reviewed articles in academic journals in the previouslymentioned areas. His papers have been cited more than 2800 timesin Web of Science, and he was invited to give more than 40 talksin international conferences. His paper about a novelrefractometric sensor based on a coated all-coupling microfibercoil resonator with a fluidic channel has been cited over 200times.


Oct.2004 – Jan. 2008   University of Southampton, UK

      Ph.D in Optoelectronics   

      Thesis Topic: optical fiber nanowire devices

Sep.2000 – Jul. 2003   Nanjing University, China

      Master in optics and materials

      Thesis Topic: tunable nonlinear photonic crystal

Sep.1996 – Jul. 2000   Nanjing University, China

      Bachelor in materials


Dec.2012 – current Professorof College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, NanjingUniversity, China

Dec.2008 – Dec.2012AssociateProfessor of College of Engineering and Applied Sciences,NanjingUniversity, China



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